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Audio on linux can seem to be a mess at times. For example when trying to write amazing music while watching a youtube tutorial at the same time. There seems to be an easy solution. Using Cadence from the KXStudio repositories and enabling the pulseaudio bridge while get the job done.

Installing Cadence

For arch-linux it should be easy to find cadence but for ubuntu derived distros you will have to add the KXStudio repository. After you have downloaded the .deb file from the link and installed it then run:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install cadence

Configuring the system.

After starting the jack server with cadence you should have no problem with audio from jack but still no audio from your browser for example. At this point we need to start PulseAudio Jack bridge in the cadence interface. Now all your applications using pulseaudio can be routed to a new output called PulseAudio JACK sink. So open pavucontrol and at playback set the output to PulseAudio JACK sink.

So if this setup is working go ahead to cadence and check the Auto-Start JACK or LADISH at login box in the main interface and check the Auto-start at login box in the JACK Bridges interface. With the first restarts pavucontrol will need to learn that we are using now PulseAudio JACK sink so if an application has no audio first check its output in pavucontrol.


Supercollider + Hydra

This setup also helped me to get the audio signal of Supercollider to the browser so I can use fft with Hydra.